How do roofing Insurance claims work? – Slade Roofing

How do roofing Insurance claims work?

  • After you file a claim with your home or business insurance provider, an adjuster will visit your home or business and inspect the damage.
  • He or she will decide how much the insurance company will pay toward your claim. Often, you’ll get an advance against the total amount your provider is paying (this is found in the ACV Column of your adjustment).
  • This ACV payment allows you to start the repairs to your roof, but it does not represent the total payment. The total estimated amount is found in the RCV Column of your adjustment. (I say estimated because adjusters do not have x-ray vision. If you discover more damage, you or your contractor need to document the additional damage and submit this documentation to your adjuster.)
  • Your adjuster will then work with your contractor to update your claim. This provision provides great peace of mind for any home or business owner. You will not have to worry about additional or hidden costs from the contractor, as the insurance company adjusts the claim when additional covered damage is found.
  • Research an honest, licensed roofing contractor. Some indications of their integrity can be that they are HAAG-Certified and if they have great (and real, check the reviewers!) reviews on Google, Facebook, etc. But the most effective way to verify a contractor is to call the local Supply House where the contractor purchases materials and the manufacture of the shingles the contractor is planning to install. Check to see if they are Certified by the manufacturer.
  • Work with the project manager and the contractor. Permitting them to speak about the project freely with your insurance carrier will allow a quicker repair or replacement.
  • You can help speed the process along if you regularly follow up with the adjuster once the work is done.