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We install beautiful, high-quality roofs in Utah, Montana, West Wyoming & South East Idaho.

​Our Approach

Service Beyond Expectations

When your roof is being replaced by insurance, the questions you should be asking are:

1. What brand of shingle do you recommend installing?

2. What is the life of the roof you are installing?

3. What is your workmanship warranty?

4. What is the wind warranty?

5. What is the manufacture's warranty?

6. Are you a preferred or certified installer for the manufacturer?

7. How resistant is this roof to Hail?

9. What are your references?

10. What experience do you have with working with insurance claims?

  • Fast - Estimate Within 3 Business Days
  • Affordable - We Work With Your Insurance
  • Warranty - 10 yr Workmanship & Lifetime Shingle
  • Protected – 130 mph Wind & Hail Resistant
  • Convenient - Max 1-3 Weeks Out For Any Size Job
  • Helpful - Insurance Claims Are Our Specialty

Our Services

Residential Roofing

We upgrade your warranty for free. Be protected from up to 130 mph winds and hail storms with hail resistant shingles.

Commercial Roofing

Be it Asphalt, TPO, or Metal we have you covered. Commercial work comes with a great guarantee and full roofing job turn around time is fast even when insurance is involved.


Asphalt Shingle Compare & Save




Shingle wind rating

130 Miles per hour


Shingle impact rating

(Hail resistant shingles)

3 / 4

1 / 4 (1 is the lowest)

Roof life

Free upgrade to Lifetime shingles

25 - 30 years

Workmanship Warranty

10 years

Average is 3 years

Insurance expertise

We were founded by a licensed insurance agent with over 17 years of experience. We understand Home and Business insurance

Not insurance agents

Fully document to help insurance coverage



Lead time to estimate

2 - 3 business days

3 days to 1 week

Peak season lead time to install date

2 - 3 weeks

4 weeks or more

HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors



Our Team

Prem Mall

Prem is a Haag certified roof inspector who has always had a passion for helping others. With experience in sales and marketing, Prem knows how to effectily help customers from beginning to end on every project. After attending the University of Oregon and Utah Valley University, Prem graduated with a bachelors degree in marketing and is trilingual speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi. Currently residing in Utah County, Prem enjoys sports, biking, being outdoors and spending time with loved ones. You will absolutely love working with Prem.

Tyler Slade

Tyler Slade began in the roofing industry in 1997. He is a certified Malarkey contractor, HAAG-certified, and a professional home and business insurance consultant. Tyler has received numerous awards in the insurance field such as Pacesetter, Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist, Canyonlands Master Agent of The Year. His understanding of insurance and roofing combined allows him to better serve homeowners when dealing with roofing claims or repairs. Tyler and his wife, Sherida, have eight children and enjoy hiking, traveling, and playing board games.

Addisen Johnsen

Addisen Johnsen began working in the roofing and construction industry in 2011. He is a HAAG certified roof inspector, as well as a certified contractor with Owens Corning and Malarkey. Addisen studied Business Administration and Russian at Utah State University. His background and extensive knowledge of products allows him to provide the best solutions and best service for your specific needs. He has lived in Oregon, Idaho, and now resides in Midvale, UT with his wife. They enjoy rafting, fishing, riding dirt bikes, and spending time with family.

Slade Roofing FAQ

How do roofing Insurance claims work?

What if I find a contractor who can do the job for less money?

How does my deductible work?

What is Code Coverage (a.k.a. “building ordinance or law coverage”)?

​Can I just cover up my existing roof?

​Are quality roofing materials worth the extra cost?

​My insurance company gave me all of the money needed to repair the roof, so why shouldn't I find the lowest “bid”?

​What is a bid vs. an estimate in roofing repairs?

What do I do with leftover roofing materials?

What is HAAG? Why you need a HAAG Certified roofer?

What is different when hiring a contractor when insurance is involved vs. private pay?

What is replacement cost coverage"RCV" and why is it important?

How do I read the insurance adjuster’s estimate?

Is there a difference in the quality of roofing materials?

Why didn’t the insurance company send me enough money?

Can I get my deductible waived?

How can I profit from my roofing claim?

Should I wait to get my roof done until the prices come down?

Slade Roofing began when Tyler Slade, an insurance agency owner, became frustrated with contractors taking advantage of clients, talking clients into filing claims that they never should have filed, failing to show up on time, billing for more than they contracted, and taking longer on jobs than they estimated. The list of frustrations could go on. There had to be a better way... 

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