What if I find a contractor who can do the job for less money? – Slade Roofing

What if I find a contractor who can do the job for less money?

This is known as a “lose-lose” scenario. Everybody loses, and here’s why:

Imagine the adjuster your insurance carrier sent out estimates $13,000 to replace your roof, and you have a $1,000 deductible.

Let’s say you find a contractor who can do it for $10,000. Then this contractor does everything listed on the estimate. When the roofer is finished, they will send proof to the adjuster that they did everything the adjuster listed on the estimate, and the insurance company will then send you $9,000. You would then take the $9,000 you received from the insurance company, add you’re $1,000 to it, and pay your contractor the $10,000 that the contractor estimated.

Seems practical? There are actually a few reasons it’s not.

In this scenario, all the parties lost. The roofer made less money and most likely skimped on quality and cut corners to give the low “bid.” For the low price, you most likely do not have a warranty from the manufacturer or the roofer. So, when the roof leaks in the next few years, the insurance company will have to pay out more money to repair the damages to the inside of your home.

It cost more in the long run, and then you lose as a homeowner because you have to pay a roofer to fix or replace the roof (again) that should have been done right the first time.